Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring 2014's Biggest Trend: Pattern

A major trend for Spring 2014, is bold pattern. A lot of these fabrics and forms made their debut during February 2014 Fashion Week 2014, and quickly started to trickle down into "ready to wear."  The cool thing about this trend is that designers are getting inspiration from practically everywhere: artwork, household objects like thorough spreads, table cloths, pillow fabrics, rugs, shower curtains and even outside of your house, yes you guessed it, nature. I also really like the nonchalant pairings of these bold prints, it makes them look effortless and contemporary, a great example is the second picture, pairing a black patterned cami with loose fit satin patterned pant.  
Ps.  I love the Isabel Marant studded sandal in the last picture. This shoe sold out instantly when it hit the market, and its gladiator remake practically set the scene for shoe designers everywhere for Spring 2014.

Just purchased this Zara skirt to the left...this print looks as though it was inspired by an oil spill, or a chemical reaction!

A snap of some pattern, on vacation!

Boyfriend Jeans

I am starting to see boyfriend jeans everywhere, which I absolutely LOVE. This trend is really cute and and gives way to the lax (slang for relaxed), trend/vibe, which is starting to culminate into the fashion arena again. 

This Seasons Most Popular Shoe & Trends

This season gladiator flats and Birkenstocks are all the rage...hate to say it, but after having seen Sam Edelman's new tiger fur Birkenstock flat, im starting to give into this earthy crunchy 1980's hippie fad. Having seen numerous faded polaroid fashion shots on tumblr, of our up and coming Birkenstock, I have to say, I really don't hate the look-and i'm finding myself more and more, peeking at the bottoms of the Birkenstocks at the local Nordstrom, trying to deicide if I should spend my hard earned babysitting money on these notorious 'gardening shoes'. (See post below for Spring 2014's biggest shoe trends). The Birkenstock look is hard to pull off...I'm thinking pair it with a ripped boyfriend jean, a cute cotton cardigan, and maybe even a baseball cap and you've got yourself a chic girl on the go outfit. 

Gladiator flats are also very in this season and we are seeing all kinds of them- simplistic versions, gladiators embellished with hardware, ones that have sky high calf straps, and much more. 

This seasons key shoe staples: 
-Ankle straps
-Cut outs
-Warm earth hues and tones
-Expensive leather that will last 
-Low wedges & heels
-Cotton laces
-White/black and pastel colors

I recently came back from The Dominican Republic, and brought with me a great gladiator type sandal with white cut outs and ankle straps, and to top it off, they were only about $30 from Its always great to have an inexpensive pair to throw around, and they practically go with everything. I strongly urge you all to look into buying a pair like these, they make even the toughest of outfits come together in an easy and nonchalant sort of way. 

A friend of mine on vacation wore these great pointed toe open beige and navy flats. Love them!