Monday, June 30, 2014

Concert wear

Sporting a "concert uniform" to Avicci- cropped top, high wasted shorts, espadrilles. I didn't see a single person stray from this ensemble, apart from the full body mesh suits... but it was really interesting to see what other people were wearing. I was feeling nostalgic for my childhood when I tried on these fun metallic fashion tattoo's. They came out much better than expected and look just like actual jewelry, but without the fuss, which of course can be a lifesaver during a hectic concert; the last thing you need is to be worrying about your loose bracelets when your jumping up and down to the beat of the music. These tats are super cool, but also a bit tricky to get off, so plan accordingly for when you want to wear them. 

Top: LF
Shorts: Zara
Cardigan: Zara
Bag: Marc Jacobs
Shoes: Sperry Topsider
Tattoos: LF/can be found on Amazon 

Outfit of the Day

This season I could not live without my Boyfriend – boyfriend jean that is.  Because of their super versatility and did I mention how comfy they are, they are my go to jean for the season.  When paired with casual accessories, you can create a unisex or lax vibe, or dress them up for a more refined feel.  Either way, I will definitely be sporting my boyfriend jeans long throughout the summer and well into the fall because I know that they will be easy to throw on when I’m rushing to get out the door for school (already cringing at the thought), or when I’m heading into the city to meet my BFF for lunch.

              A white blouse from CARMAR paired with
              my boyfriend jeans gives it just that 
              slight refined edge needed to dress it up.

I have accessorized my outfit with a pink acrylic floral necklace Forever21 21. I have chosen to wear a camisole under my blouse, however pairing it with a lacy bandeau would give it a flirty feel for casual nighttime wear.

The ankle strap trend exploded for spring 2014-2015 spring/summer season. I can't get enough of my dark beige Jcrew sandals.

I love this low block heal because at 5'10, I’m usually towering over my friends. The low heel is so on  trend and works with any pant hem height.

Light comfy knits are perfect in warm weather. The lace trim and crème color of the sweater ties in nicely with the crème collar on my blouse, adding a sweet and lax vibe.

             What I’m Wearing With My Boyfriend Jeans

 When I want to do some errands, or run out the door for school, its super easy to dress my boyfriend jeans down just a bit. Comfort is their main purpose. After all, they came to trend when woman began wearing their date’s jeans the next morning, not wanting to be seen sporting last nights evening clothes. Here, I’ve paired the boyfriend jean with a lavender knit sweater from Zara, teaming them with my Sperry espadrilles. Ps. If your hair didn’t last last nights date, you can top it with a fun baseball hat that of course you’ve stolen borrowed, from your BF.

                   Sperry Topsider espadrilles

           Boyfriend jeans go from casual to dressy, with a
           simple change of your top. The flowy camisole
           dresses up my favorite jeans and paired with a
           wedge, I’m ready to head to the city for lunch.

     Adding a cardigan creates a more casual vibe. Remember, a        boyfriend jean will tend to shorten the leg, but pairing it      with a heel will help to visually lengthen your leg.

                            Aldo wedges

Shoes, not only should they look good, they should feel good! If you feel good, you look good. That goes for inside, as well as out.

                            Vintage necklace
    Don’t forget, accessories. They can make or break an outfit.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Swedish Fish Cupcakes!

I made these fun cupcakes for a friends birthday, who as you might have guessed, loves swedish fish. These are a yellow cake cupcake with blue and white swirl frosting (use a frosting bag and add the desired amount of white frosting and add blue food coloring to the sides of the bag and it will create a swirl type pattern). I then added the frosting and the swedish fish. (To make the fish in the third to last picture, cut it in half and place in different locations). These were super easy and fun to make!