Friday, October 3, 2014

Sporty Chic

 My take on sporty chic, which hit the trend market HUGE for 2014/2015 spring and winter season. Pretty much every brand who debut'd collections at fall Fashion Week incorporated some type of athletic inspired look into their collection, take Chanel for example with their tweed sneakers and crazy sneaker boots (if you haven't seen the sneaker boots, be sure to check check them out). Wang deems sneakers as the "infrastructure of [our] generation," wanting to push the boundaries of fashion, by tying in distinct past trends, many of which have created whats called a "normcore" trend. 

Vacation Diary

Some of my favorite moments from our family vacation to Anguilla, this last August. The island was beautiful, filled with alluring views and amazing moments. A favorite dinner spot, The Viceroy, was terraced over the Caribbean ocean, as we dined on delicious fresh seafood and sipped "crisp honey and fruit mock-tails," an island specialty. 
I had a blast picking out island inspired outfits; as a variety of bright and bold patterns were a theme throughout much of my clothing. It was also great to spend time with my sister before she left for college as well!

Casual/ 'regal'

I threw together a casual 'regal' inspired look, to commemorate the return of the second season of Reign, my favorite tv show, about the history of France during the rule of King Henry II, played by Alan Van Sprang. Although we are studying US History this year, we touch on a bit of French history, enabling me better grasp the accounts, by imagining re runs form scenes in Reign, of those dark and dreary conflict filled, (and shower-less days, although Alelade Kane seems to look stunning in just about every shot). Who knew history could be so exciting?! Kidding, history class is my favorite subject!!


Feeling nostalgic for the blisteringly warm summer nights, on this frigid autumn day. The school year is off to an accelerated start, and its busier than ever. I have never been so involved in this many extracurriculars...well, ever. It seems that Junior year is geared towards "prettifying" your college apps, which are sortof, kindof, almost around the corner. Luckily for me, I happen to love the extracurriculars that I am apart of this year, as they continue to cultivate inspiration for me.

Last season, I scoured stores to find the perfect leather skirt, however, being in the summer heat, I put off this task because a. it was 90 degrees the day I found a great leather skirt and b. the hot weather and me profusely sweating, seriously clouded my "fashion judgment," so I compromised by coaxing myself to buy a black mini cotton pixie skirt. Much to my demise, leather is in this season, and I should have bought that leather skirt during summer when it was on sale. UGH. Oh well :/
On a positive note, this is one of my favorite outfits because its fun and flirty, and you can virtually dress it up or down; with heels or sandals and a different cardigan. I also like the gold accents throughout this outfit with my gold cardigan, and necklace, which help to balance out the harsh black tones. 

Top: Zara
Cardigan: Zara
Skirt: Necessary Clothing
Heels: mom's closet
Sandals: Vintage Sam Edleman
Necklace: mom's closet

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Stickers and Skirts Photography

A big shout out and thank you to my dear friend Amanda, author of the fabulous Sticker and Skirts blog, who so generously met me in the park for a chat over lunch and casual shoot. For recently starting out, her photography skills are superior to the rest. I, who have been dabbling in photography for years, do not compare in the slightest to her advanced skills. Even after having been given a self taught photography 101 book, I still can't find my way around a camera, and keep asking my mom to put me in a class so some paid professional can finally teach me what I can't seem to grasp. BUT, I am remaining hopeful. One day, I will master the basics of my canon rebel T-3...and knowing the name of my camera is a start, right?!
Today, I wanted to keep my look casual and comfortable, walking around town, so I wore lots of soft fabrics, from my soft cotton shirt, to my shorts, to my creamy white shoes. 
Shirt and Shorts: Brandy Melville
Necklace: Jcrew
Shoes: Sperry Topsider

Public Service Announcement: Please everyone go listen to Taylor Swift's new song, Shake it Off (its so cute). 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

All Smiles

Guess who got a job? Yes, thats right, you guessed it, its meeee! I am now working at Jack Wills in Boston, 79 Newbury st. Its a great place to work, very fun! And the team is fantastic, everyone is very supportive. Although i've heard horrors about the retail world, I am actually finding myself quite liking it...I have however have yet to work in the stock room, but so far, its not so bad! 
This is one of my favorite outfits to put on if I need to run out of the house. I just wore this on a day trip to Portsmouth NH. We explored a quaint little town, shopped around and ate overlooking the ocean.

Shirt: Zara
Shorts: Zara
Sun hat: Anthropologie 
Cardigan: Brandy Melville

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful... Fabric

Intreasted in these pants?

Its a beautiful day, so I though it only fitting to embrace this gorgeous 80 degree weather with florals, lace and light breezy fabric. 

Top: LF
Pants: Zara
Shoes: Sperry Topsider
Bracelet: Marc Jacobs

Love this song, its super summery and fun to listen to...A song for the perfect beach day.

Monday, July 14, 2014

La Créme

Interested in these pants? Buy them here at

They say that you shouldn't wear white after labor day, (a rule I believe should cease to exist), but there's nothing against wearing this standout shade of creme for 2014/2015 fall/winter season.  This crisp shade was a popular color seen strutting down the catwalk at 2014 spring/summer NYFW, and will surly be a staple for this winter's retro mod, yet comfy wool embedded ensembles.

  Top: Zara
  Jeans: Zara 
  Shoes: Lulu's
  Necklace: Forever21

Monday, June 30, 2014

Concert wear

Sporting a "concert uniform" to Avicci- cropped top, high wasted shorts, espadrilles. I didn't see a single person stray from this ensemble, apart from the full body mesh suits... but it was really interesting to see what other people were wearing. I was feeling nostalgic for my childhood when I tried on these fun metallic fashion tattoo's. They came out much better than expected and look just like actual jewelry, but without the fuss, which of course can be a lifesaver during a hectic concert; the last thing you need is to be worrying about your loose bracelets when your jumping up and down to the beat of the music. These tats are super cool, but also a bit tricky to get off, so plan accordingly for when you want to wear them. 

Top: LF
Shorts: Zara
Cardigan: Zara
Bag: Marc Jacobs
Shoes: Sperry Topsider
Tattoos: LF/can be found on Amazon