Monday, June 25, 2012

Zara Margarita Heels

A Margarita With Zesty Heels on the Side

Came across these neon yellow margarita heels from Zara. At an amazing price who wouldn't want these! No wonder their sold out. Can't wait for the sale, please come sooner!

Top Shop Sequin Shorts

Can't Get Enough of Sequins!

A while ago while traveling, we came across lots of different kinds of shorts. Patterned, lace, sequin, bedazzled, studded, dip dyed and frayed; things we had never seen before...not in this decade that is;) But we soon fell  head over heels for distressed and sequin shorts and we couldn't wait to buy a pair. After searching heaps of different stores, we finally came across a pair that wasn't to short! At Topshop, the sizes are incredibly messed up! Usually a 24, I was a 27 here; going any size down looked like i had undies on, and that wasn't the look I was trying to portray. These can be paired with a fun solid cotton top, no pattern on top! This will take away from the shorts and people wont know what to look at when they feast their eyes on the sparkling shorts!

Tarté Nails


We recently bought the new Tarte nail polish from Sephora. We carefully opened the cute constructed package as it came with a generous packet of instructions in many different languages! It also came with a small funnel, and cleverly, the packaging would catch the beads as they fell from our nails before pouring them through the funnel back into the bottle. We put on one base coat and then applied the pink coating twice, then the beads. It takes about 15 minutes to dry. We quickly figured out that you can use just about any color, so there was really no need for the Tarte pink polish; What they really should include is two bottles of the beads. The Tarte beads fall of quickly, and we were unsure if we were supposed to apply a top coat after putting the beads on. Overall this is a fun product but not long lasting.