Monday, June 25, 2012

Tarté Nails


We recently bought the new Tarte nail polish from Sephora. We carefully opened the cute constructed package as it came with a generous packet of instructions in many different languages! It also came with a small funnel, and cleverly, the packaging would catch the beads as they fell from our nails before pouring them through the funnel back into the bottle. We put on one base coat and then applied the pink coating twice, then the beads. It takes about 15 minutes to dry. We quickly figured out that you can use just about any color, so there was really no need for the Tarte pink polish; What they really should include is two bottles of the beads. The Tarte beads fall of quickly, and we were unsure if we were supposed to apply a top coat after putting the beads on. Overall this is a fun product but not long lasting.


  1. I did it for graduation and I can´t say im a fan. It looked so messy lol, yours looks better
    love, Thorunn


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