About Me

What fashion-related careers are you interested in and how do you plan to break into the industry?

I am interested in editorial, fashion journalism, visual graphics and styling. In 2013 I started a fashion blog to recount to my readers what I'm wearing and trends of the season. 

Describe your signature style/look

I'm an M-NESS, not a mess, but a girl who's mode can best be described as a modern New England street style, with an eclectic bent. My wardrobe is expressed through classic silhouettes with trendy details. Being a New Englander, weather depicts my wardrobe. Having four seasons allows duality in my closet, affording me a strong style sense. In fall/winter, I wear textures: pastel cashmeres, thick neutral wools, creating luxurious comfort. De rigueur, when the cold temp sets in, boots are my lifeline; whether its leather, duck, snow, booties, and knee highs. Some of my favorite winter pieces are oversized knitwear, tuxedo, and tweed jackets, collared shirts, and of course anything fur. Summer is the complete opposite with heat and humidity, that I look towards cool, light fabrics with vibrant patterns: cotton palazzo pants, linen tea length skirts and silks shorts drive my style sense. Boston may be a bit conservative, yet I am able to give my outfits a fun twist, with colored metal jewelry, backpacks, and fun pom pom topped beanies, giving it a girlish charm.  One of my favorite looks is pairing a herringbone motto jacket, with boyfriend jeans, a crème turtleneck, and my moms vintage velvet tuxedo brogues.

Who is your fashion role model?

My fashion love is Thakoon Panichgul. His modern, minimal and romantically timeless pieces are an encapsulation of his many personal and cultural influences. Thakoon's innovative designs are exciting, as he will often mix or layer two pieces together, creating one visually cohesive look. At 14, I was first drawn to Thakoon with his 2012 pre fall collection, which consisted of a luxurious, primitive taste of feminine menswear meets collegiate private school, comprised of cold weather fabrics. His construction and layering peaked my interest, not only in this collection, but in fashion itself. I loved this collection because I felt that finally there was a designer that translated to a wide age group, in which I could easily incorporate his fresh designs into my wardrobe.  I was hooked on this amazing designer as he gave his pieces an interesting twist.  I am a major fan of his personal style, which he describes as "young T-shirt generation influenced by the casual culture of street wear and couture culture in Paris." Thakoon's natural talent, eye for detail and humbling persona, are attributes that make him and his collection so special. 

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