Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sports play


Want to add some kick to your wardrobe? The popular look, the heeled sneaker will give you that extra sporty vibe that you've been wanting to create. We've seen them slowly walk its way into style, and suddenly their perfect for a girl on the go. It's hard to chose exactly which one, because there's so many different styles to chose from,from Armani's black sneaker, Giuseppe Zanotti 'Lorenz" beautiful high top sneaker, Elena Iach's suede camouflage sneakers to Asos, Nordstrom and Nike's famous kicks. When people ask me "well, how do I find the right one?" I can't find it for you. I can simply guide you to a certain style but its up to you to chose the one that works for you; it's just like finding the right college-there's a pair out there for everyone. ;)

Saturday, October 19, 2013


This is what I call one of my  "girly-grunge" outfits. The motto boots and jacket make the grunge, while my pale cream shirt and necklace add a more feminine touch to it. I'm obsessed with these motto boots, and have finally found a great pair after searching endlessly for the right pair of booties- a major must have for the season. I was ecstatic when they came into trend this year as I had been wearing an old pair of motto boots for a while when they weren't on the "it" scene. Now I get to wear my favorite type of boots, when they are in style; its icing to the cake. My jacket has both stripes and polka dots- mixing patterns is also one of the seasons biggest trends. 

necklace: vintage
braclet: Etsy
motto jacket: Noille
shirt: French Connection
Jeans: Jbrand
motto boots: Frye

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


        Some of my favorite pieces & major inspirations of the season
Teen vogue

Sauce, Zayan Fashion Show


Tom Binns AW13 is now available in stores

Tom Binns AW13 

Tom Binns AW13 

Tom Binns AW13 

Tom Binns AW13 

I absolutely adore these pieces. The first bracelet in particular is one of my favorites, not just because of its bright pops of color, and zesty pattern, or my irresistible urge to grab those bracelets off that manicured hand, and strap them onto my own wrist- but I love it, because I respect it. I realize this sounds strange, but I am going to explain. Each year, a designer has come out with a piece similar to the looks of the piece in the first image. Make no mistake, the only thing similar about it, was the string used to make the bracelet. Although it has taken a few years, I believe designers were able evolve these braclets into what I think now looks fantastic, but during its first stages, companies like forever 21, wet seal ect., were making these bracelets look really cheap, which is understandable considering the material, but I had always thought a bracelet like this had so much more potential. Now that bigger brand labels have picked it up, they have turned these once tacky looking camp bracelets, into eclectic and tasteless pieces that can be worn in multiple age ranges. For me this was a clear example of the design process that goes into creation, taking it back to the drawing board, until it can be reinvented to look its best.

Saturday, October 12, 2013


Zara blouse, Jbrand jeans, zara flats, ollipop ring, Etsy silver belt bracelet

Blouse: Jcrew
Jeans: Jbrand
Shoes: Zara
Ring: Ollipop
Braclet: Etsy


                                    Zara brown paper bag skirt