Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sports play


Want to add some kick to your wardrobe? The popular look, the heeled sneaker will give you that extra sporty vibe that you've been wanting to create. We've seen them slowly walk its way into style, and suddenly their perfect for a girl on the go. It's hard to chose exactly which one, because there's so many different styles to chose from,from Armani's black sneaker, Giuseppe Zanotti 'Lorenz" beautiful high top sneaker, Elena Iach's suede camouflage sneakers to Asos, Nordstrom and Nike's famous kicks. When people ask me "well, how do I find the right one?" I can't find it for you. I can simply guide you to a certain style but its up to you to chose the one that works for you; it's just like finding the right college-there's a pair out there for everyone. ;)

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