Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Fashion Night Out 2012, Zara, Boston

A great outing on Newbury Street, on September 6th to kick off Fashion Week. Lots of great stores were open and the excitement was buzzing! Unfortunately didn't get to the shopping part, there were just tons of wannabes and innocent passerby's crammed into into the bustle of the small stores, slightly buzzed on the free champagne,  yet it was great to have a look around! I forgot my camera, so i couldn't take pics.
We had our photographs taken at the vip carpet complements of bostonnorth, which was quite exciting. They were sponsoring Kimpton hotels, which was interesting because i have been to Kimpton and I think even Boston can do a better job that...why not the Manderin again? Maybe because it is the only Hotel they sponser for Fw.
 I have to say, Marc Jacobs had a great participation with Fno, by offering great deals, a photo booth and a hair braiding bar. Zara also participated by doing a colab with Vogue, taking Polaroid pictures and uploading them on the website.
Also had quite a blast picking out my dream car's, emphasis on the "s"; that lined the three blocks.
I guess this has been the best fno yet, so props to you Boston, 3rd worst dressed city in the whole entire Country.
WIW: Top Shop black peplum top, white Zara pocket studed shorts, golden studded Zara shoes from London.


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