Friday, September 20, 2013

80's and 90's teen making a comeback

Patterns galore, infused into oversized sweaters, how 80's. Arnold, from the Simpsons is plastered over Cara's black sweater. Neon writing and video game heart images aligns the other girls two sweaters.

Holographic materials were seen quite often in the 80's and 90's. They were used  in the clothing of astronauts in scifi movies. Now, its simply used as the material for a brief case.

Neon colors and materials hit the markets big in 2012. Now they are seen almost everywhere. I love the studs on their shoes and the plastic neon yellow cuff bracelets. 

Brown paper bag lunches, now turned into velvet and leather clutches. From the fridge, to fashions latest accessory.

Nail art, big in the late 90's has never gone out of style 

1. Neon  and 2. scrunchies. I think we can all agree which era this came from;)

My personal fav, gogo boots from the 60's. Even though these are cutt off booties, you can still get a sense as to their old time retro feeling.

Collages are hitting the tumblr scene, which is actually where I found this image. I think its fantastic. It has actually inspired me to start collaging on paper instead of Polyvore.  

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