Friday, May 30, 2014

Are you there sun? Its me, deprived and pale

Non other than plaid
Where in the world is the sun, sand, tanned boys and warm weather?? Well I can tell you that it's not here, in the rainy sleeted streets of Lexington aka suburbia. Although its May, and what the world relatively regards to be the season of spring, I have come to the conclusion that Boston just doesn't have a spring season, or a lot of warm weather to be perfectly honest. We have 8 months of some good old cold weather and the rest I guess you could say are some form of summer. So please forgive my seasonal confusion in the picture above, I realize that I have paired lots of comfy winter sweaters with sandals and heels, however, thats what I have found the inhabitants of Boston to be wearing lately, in these hot n' cold seasonally challenged months. The 90's plaid schoolgirl look continues to be trending, with emphasis on the 90's look as 'it girl' Iggy Azalea sported lots of plaid, in her new music video for Fancy, with Clueless as an inspiration. 

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